Yahoo Mail account to fix common problems

The quick fix tool allows you to scan your Yahoo Mail account if you encounter a problem, such as an error, a temporary access error code, or a problem sending or receiving an email. . The scan usually takes a few hours and tries to solve the problem automatically. Once this is done, an email containing the results is sent to the alternate email address provided.

Run a scan on your account
Access Yahoo’s quick mail repair tool.
Select the problem you are having.
Enter another email address, different from the one you are trying to fix.
Enter the indicated verification code.
Click Create request.

Fix problems with New Mail

New Mail is designed to be simple, efficient and reliable. If something does not work as it should, you can use this guide to fix it.Disable Ad Blocking Software for the Mail Website
Ad blockers add code to their inbox to block ads, which can negatively impact the performance and functionality of email. You can create a white list of Live Yahoo Mail Chat to avoid these problems.

Can’t send or receive emails

If you feel that you have not received an email and you never received an error message, you are still waiting for it or something happened on the recipient’s side.

Step 1: Make sure the email has been sent

Check your sent file: if there is one, the email has been sent correctly.
Check for typographical errors: make sure the address in the “To” field of your email is correct.
Check the drafts folder: if it is not in the folder, it is probably waiting to be sent.

Step 2: Ask your recipient to check your account

Spam folder: your message has been sent to your junk mail folder.
List of blocked addresses: your email address has been blocked by accident.
Filters: Filters can redirect emails that match a particular keyword.

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